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Why are straight teeth important?

Teeth that are not properly aligned and don't fit together comfortably can cause a number of problems, depending on how severe the misalignment is. These problems can include:

  • affecting appearance and self esteem
  • difficulty chewing, which may lead to digestive issues or nutritional deficiencies
  • difficulty speaking or breathing
  • increasing teeth wear and damage
  • risk of teeth grinding or jaw problems, such as TMJ disorders
  • crooked or crowded teeth being harder to clean, increasing oral health risks
  • protruding teeth being more vulnerable to injury

Who can benefit from orthodontics?

Orthodontic treatment can correct all types of bite and alignment problems, including:

  • overbite, underbite and crossbite
  • crooked teeth
  • protruding teeth
  • teeth crowding
  • gaps between teeth

Orthodontics is suitable for teenagers and adults. The treatment can be easier for adolescents whose teeth and jaws are still developing, but older patients can also have success with braces or clear aligners.

Your teeth and gums should be healthy and free from problems such as tooth decay and gum disease before you begin orthodontic treatment.

How does orthodontics work?

Orthodontics uses a range of oral appliances to move the teeth or jaws into better alignment over time. These appliances may be removable or fixed to the teeth for the duration of the treatment. You will normally have to wear a retainer afterwards to maintain your straighter smile.

During the course of your treatment, you will have regular appointments with your dentist. This is our chance to check your progress and adjust or replace your appliance as needed, as well as your chance to get help with any issues you may be having.

What are my teeth straightening options?

When you book an orthodontic consultation at Bracken Ridge Dental, our dentists will examine your teeth and jaws and discuss the different options for straightening your smile. We'll give you all the information you need about what these treatments involve so you can make fully informed decisions.