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Dental microscope

Many problems with teeth are undetectable to the naked eye, even to an experienced professional. Operating microscopes have revolutionised dentistry by enabling dentists to diagnose problems and carry out treatments with much greater accuracy than before.

Our dentists at Bracken Ridge Dental use microscopes to assist during a wide range of treatments, from ensuring that root canal infections are fully eradicated to treating minor cracks and fractures in teeth and precision oral surgery.

We also use dental microscopes to capture images to help with treatment planning and monitoring. Microscopes can also help to lower clinical risks by preventing damage to adjacent teeth and tissues during surgery.

iTero® 3D scanner

iTero scanners were developed by Align Technology for use with Invisalign® treatment. This 3D intraoral scanner captures detailed images of your teeth and creates three-dimensional digital impressions of your mouth in the computer.

These highly detailed impressions have much greater accuracy than traditional moulds to ensure a perfect fit for your clear aligners. They can be instantly shared with dental laboratories to avoid delays in receiving your aligners and lower the risk of rejections.

As well as helping to design your series of custom aligners, our dentists also use iTero technology to compare teeth movements between your check-ups, which helps to save time and improve accuracy.

The software can also simulate your estimated outcomes from Invisalign treatment, so you can get a realistic idea of what to expect when you wear your aligners as often as recommended.

OPG x-ray

OPG (orthopantomogram) x-rays are panoramic dental x-rays that give our dentists a wider view of your teeth and jaws. These x-rays are fast and painless and use a very low dose of radiation that's equivalent to a normal day of background radiation exposure.

OPG x-rays are used during general check-ups and to help with planning and monitoring during treatments. They show signs of tooth damage, impaction, dislocation, infection and other problems more clearly than traditional x-rays and reduce the need for multiple exposures.

During the OPG examination, the equipment will rotate around your head to capture the images of your mouth. These x-rays are perfectly safe, but you should still let our staff know if you may be pregnant.